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20160419 Albemarle Catalyst Company - Separation Processes at Albemarle

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Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20160419 Albemarle Catalyst Company BV - Mrs. Yvette Veninga - “Separation Processes at Albemarle”

Strongly knowledge and innovation driven with > 3.500 patents and > 100 PhD’s Albemarle’s turnover is 3,3 bio USD/year producing in four business units (Refining, Lithium and advanced materials, Bromine specialties, Surface treatment) with 6.900 personnel spread over 100 countries. The Amsterdam site produces catalysts for a number of applications with a large section for FCC, HPC in mineral oil refining, including SOx NOx abatement, and chemical processes. Besides production Albemarle provides engineering support and other services to clients in process optimisation.

Basic materials are Aluminium-oxides and Zeolites in different forms, grades and activities. The properties of catalyst particles on reactivity, selectivity, entrapment and mechanical features were highlighted with the different production steps such as precipitation, crystallisation, purification, rotating drums, vacuum belts, cartridge filters and material recovery.

The units were demonstrated during a guided tour in the factory. www.albemarle.com/


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