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20160621 Mobatec – Transparent process models

Last updated 780 days ago by Albert Verver

Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20160621 Mobatec – Mathieu Westerweele – “How to make and maintain transparent process models”

The SME Mobatec strives at supplying process models that can be used by process engineers not having had extensive modelling training. Besides process design, analysis, optimisation and control they are suitable for real time training operators. As other tools, it makes use of topology libraries and design rules. However the model complexity is determined by the goal only, built up from separate understandable parts. This makes understandable models, so engineers who did not make a model can still work with it, increasing the maintainability and reducing the time effort.

Examples of CSTR’s types, distillation columns and a sulphur incinerator were given together with a short movie about the use as a operator training tool in a chemical plant. www.mobatec.nl


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