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20160913 Biogonaal – Affinity separation DSP

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Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20160913 Biogonaal – Mr. John Krijgsman – “Affinity separation DSP”

The basics of downstream processing should not be forgotten and that is what the new edition of ‘Biotechnology, Downstream’ by Wesselingh and Krijgsman is all about. Affinity separation as part of the purification of bio-products is highlighted by elucidating how the properties of the adsorbents (nanofibers, gels, beads: material, ionic charge, size and shape and affinity forces) and of the (protein) molecules to be recovered determine separation performance.

From simple experiments to determine adsorption isotherms to non-linear adsorption and elution profiles in columns and scale-up rules to full size axial and radial packed, expanded and simulated moving bed columns. biogonaal@gmail.com


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