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20160913 LentiKat’s – Separation of biocatalysts by immobilisation”

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Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20160913 LentiKat’s a.s. (CZ) – Mr.Alex Schmeetz – “LentiKat’s Biotechnologies: easy separation of biocatalysts by immobilisation”

LentiKat’s, a SME from Czech Republic, commercialises proprietary technology of biocatalysts in form of enzymes, proteins, bacteria, yeasts, spores or fungi immobilised in a matrix of porous PVA in the shape of 0,2-0,3 mm thick lentils of 3-4 mm diameter.

The lentils are suspended in the liquid in which the agents move to the lentils, diffuse in the pores, adsorb on the catalyst and the products desorb and leave the lentils again. With a high biocatalyst density reaction times are short (120→10 min) reactors are compact, reducing cost. Biomass is used repetitively and separation of compounds is simplified leading to lower operating cost. Permeability up to 7.600 Da for sugars and 14.200 Da for proteins.

Commercial applications are in pharma and food, biofuels and biochemical, waste- and well water. Examples are conversion of BA to BPA, production of sialic acid, hydrolysis of sucrose, starch and molasses for biofuel, (de)nitrification, chiral amines. R&D topics are mini-packed bed and continuous flow reactors, partly in EU supported project. www.lentikats.eu


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