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20161122 Lamp-ion – Morningstar crystals

Last updated 640 days ago by Albert Verver

Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20161122 Lamp-ion B.V. – Mr. Martijn Wagterveld – “Morningstar crystals”

As a start-up company Lamp-ion builds upon its founder’s PhD work at Wetsus: the effect of sulphate on CaCO3 scaling in tubes, heat exchangers and membranes. He found that a new crystal is responsible for the type and extent of scaling. In fact sulphate reduces the scaling rate to even preventing precipitation in equipment by building an aragonite crystal in form of spikes on the normal vaterite scaling crystal creating a crystal that looks like a star. They called it Morning Star, never reported in literature before. He also found that the presence of magnesium is important to make this happen. With this knowledge water engineers have a tool in estimating scaling tendency of feed water.

Using his expertise Lamp-ion started to cooperate with another start-up WaterWaves B.V. to offer anti-scaling equipment based on ultrasound that disturbs the formation of scaling crystals and even removes existing scaling from for instance UV lamps. This enables bulk disinfection of otherwise scaling waters. The product is called Ultravibes. www.lamp-ion.nl   www.waterwaves.nl


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