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20161122 PSEnterprise – Mechanistic crystallisation models

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Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20161122 PSEnterprise Ltd. (UK) – Mr. Sean Bermingham - “On the use of mechanistic crystallisation models to increase R&D efficiency, scale-up with reduced risk and debottleneck processes”

Modelling of crystallisation processes, although not easy, can be of great help to reduce the vast analytical and measuring work for developing and understanding the crystallisation process of many crystalline materials.

PSEnterprise, currently 140 personnel in six locations globally, uses its gCrystal model (as one of the g-series serving a number of industry branches) to assist operating companies with optimising industrial crystallisers, convert from batch to continuous, derive kinetics, train operators, improve process control, shorten research steps and reduce number of experiments. A number of very practical examples were given in which the model prediction was compared with measured outcomes to generate predictive behaviour for anti-solvent, batch to continuous, seeding, particle size distribution, scaling-up and down, reactor geometry and tracking the material structure across the system from reaction to application. www.psenterprise.com


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