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20161122 SoliQz – Hydraulic Wash Column

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Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20161122 SoliQz B.V. – Mr. Dirk Verdoes – “Overview of equipment and process development for the SoliQz Hydraulic Wash Column”

The Start-up SoliQz is a spin-off from TNO to commercialise the Hydraulic Wash Column HWC, developed about a decade back with only two industrial applications in spite of the advantages: the solvent is its own melt (so no other solvents, no energy consuming regeneration); the whole process in one simple column with good visual inspection and very pure product. An impure feed is cooled below its freezing point, where usually very pure crystals are formed while the impurities remain in the liquor. Using the melt of that same crystal as the liquor avoids another solvent to get rid of the impurities. Impure crystals are brought into the top of the wash column and are washed in counter current flow with the melt of the crystals that are formed below by cooling the down coming fluid.

The impure, the transition and the very pure product zones can be distinguished sharply. At the bottom part of the pure crystals are melted to serve as solvent to wash the crystals.

The HWC is complementary to the different crystallisation processes of Armstrong, the new parent of SoliQz. The scale-up philosophy is pragmatic. Several commercial units have been sold already. A sizeable pilot plant is located at PlantOne in Rotterdam.



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