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20161122 Corbion - Crystallisation of PLA on industrial scale

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Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20161122 Corbion Gorinchem - Mr. Sicco de Vos - “Aspects of crystallisation of PLA on industrial scale”

Polylactic acid PLA is a 100% bioplastic with increasing demand. Corbion will build a new 75.000 ton/annum plant in Thailand. PLA features < 1 kg CO2 / kg PLA, which is 3-8 times less than normal polymers, requires 1/3 of biomass per kg compared with BioPE.

It is versatile. To be versatile the crystalline properties have to be well controlled according to its application as fiber, extruded film, injection molded form, heat resistance, transparency etc. as homo- and copolymers. The melting point and thermal properties predominantly depend on the crystal composition and blend and on the crystallisation route.

De Vos presented how the different methods, crystallisers and process conditions result in different properties of PLA pellets to meet product specifications.



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