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20161122 DSM – Crystallisation behaviour of engineering plastics

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Group of Users of Technology for Separation in the Netherlands


20161122 DSM – Mr. Geert van den Poel – “Crystallisation behaviour of engineering plastics in industrial application”

Van den Poel takes us with him along a journey in the different engineering plastics, especially polyamides their price performance ratios and the degree of crystallinity, all determined by client specifications and values and the use of Fast Scanning Calorimetry in mimicking process conditions to arrive at certain properties.

Key is measuring under realistic conditions. Examples were shown of the crystallisation degree and rate depending on its starting point (nucleated or non-nucleated, from the melt or from the glassy state and the cooling rate). Crystallisation is restricted to the temperature range between Tg of the amorphous phase and the equilibrium Tm of the crystal. Here is a distinct difference in bell shaped curves when coming from the hot or from the cold side, which is more pronounced at higher molecular weight.



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