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Ionic Liquids

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Ionic liquids are molten salts, consisting of cations and anions. The cations in general are of a complex nature and often belong to the following groups:  Halides: Cl- , Br- , I- Sulfates: CH3OSO3 - Sulfonates: CF3SO3 - Phosphates: PF6 - Borates: BF4 - Imides: N(CF3SO2 )2 - Cyanates: N(CN)2 - Acetates: CF3 CO2-.

General characteristics include: Negligible vapor pressure, Non-volatile, non-flammable, odorless, No emission into the atmosphere, No solvent contamination in product, Wide liquid temperature range, Tremendous kinetic control in reactions, Good solubility characteristics, Suitable for multiphase catalysis.

Applications include: Simultaneous reaction and separation by the formation of a second product phase, Simultaneous reaction and extraction using the miscibility switch phenomenon, Simultaneous reaction and liquid membrane separation and Simultaneous reaction and separation using ionic liquids as water-free electrolytes.

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