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Process Systems Engineering NL

PSE-NL is a knowledge network that aims to offer a platform for sharing the best practices and scientific advancements in the PSE area, by specialists from academia and industry as well as systems focused process technology & operations managers. The offer includes: organizing interactive workshops, symposia and training, stimulate networking, strengthen contact with international PSE networks, building and maintaining of expert knowledge, dissemination of knowledge in scientific journals and technical magazines, envision a PSE roadmap in NL and EU, initiate and carry out industrial projects. PSE-NL network can help bolstering the interests and careers of members, as well as making contributions to technology development and application projects with industry, while fostering academic research.

The systems approach of PSE has a strong track record of usage in industry to improve the decision making, to optimize plant configurations, chemical process conditions, molecular synthesis routes, and to control biological synthesis. The role of PSE is even more relevant now in the context of transition to bio-based raw materials and renewable energy. The business drivers include optimization of investment and opportunity costs, energy use, safety and environmental impact, as well as proper management of uncertainty and risk. Furthermore, the link between the development of novel products and process (manufacturing & application) synthesis is crucial for most companies. In this context, the graduate level education (MSc, PDEng, PhD) and continuing training of post graduates is of utmost importance, so the PSE network will also aim to contribute to academic courses whenever possible and effective.

PSE-NL is a promoter of computer aided process engineering (CAPE) and a strong supporter of the ESCAPE-29 conference that will be organized in Eindhoven, The Netherlands (16-19 June 2019).
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PSE-NL board
Leyla Ozkan (chair, organizer)
Edwin Zondervan (secretary)
Sander Groenedijk (treasurer)
Tony Kiss (ex-chair, international adviser)
Louis van der Ham (education)
Johan Grievink (education)

Contact us at: info@pse-nl.com | www.pse-nl.com
You are also welcome to join us on LinkedIn PSE-NL
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